I have used Ashley for a number of trips and she is amazing. Ashley is brilliant at not only making the booking process effortless, but planning your day to day events to ensure your time on vacation is well spent.

I recently took a trip to Germany and used Ashley for all of my booking and planning needs. The moment we started the process I knew I was in good hands. She sent me a few different flight options with a paragraph under each with the pros and cons (regarding landing times, flight company, etc) of each which made it so easy for me! Within a few days after booking the flight, a detailed itinerary was sent to me with each day planned out. I was in shock with how much work she had done! The itinerary included every moment from the time I landed in Germany to the time I boarded the plane to come home. There were so many details that had never crossed my mind. For example, once I landed in Germany, I assumed I would simply grab a cab to my destination. Ashley made me aware of how expensive the cab would be and mentioned a bus I could take from the airport to my destination for less than half the cost. She really does think of everything!

For me, when I travel, I want to get the full experience of each city instead of just a tourist. Ashley has a keen eye for finding local hot spots to visit to get the experience you are looking for! I almost felt like a local when I left Germany due to all exposure! From bars, to restaurants, shopping, and all things to sight-see, Ashley is fabulous! If you’re nervous about your travels or wondering what to do while you’re on vacation, I highly recommend using Ashley to relieve any stress! She is the best in the business and never disappoints!

Abbey Frese